About Us
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Enterprise &
Cloud Architecture

We offer expertise in Software Engineering and Systems Designs, especially in the area of cloud-native systems on enterprise scales. We utilize a wide range of technologies and frameworks, just to mention a few: Kubernetes, Docker, Domain-Driven Design, Microservices and Self-contained System, 12-Factor Methodology, ITIL, Event-driven Design, Service-Mesh Design, C4-Model Notation, arc42, aim42, OWASP, ISO27001/18.

IT &
Transformation Strategy

We can assist your company with steering your IT Strategy into the right direction, by helping you ask the right questions and see the bigger picture. We can help you build and maintain the correct blend of skills and identify opportunities and potential challenges early on. Furthermore, we bring the right amount of grit and relentlessness to the table to dig deep and understand your domain and it’s environment. Tools we use: Value-Stream-Mapping, Business Model Canvas, Balanced-Scorecard.

Project Management &

Additionally, we provide knowledge in ideation methods and project management skills. We host and facilitate Design-Thinking and Event-Storming Workshops for you. Ideas that follow as a result, are rigorously tested and scrutinized as early as possible. To do this, we depend on Rapid Prototyping and prefer the agile development process. If you wish so, we can be your partner throughout the entire SDLC.










Anh Viet Trinh

Anh Viet has a Masters Degree in Business Administration & Finance and provides a wide range of knowledge in the areas of accounting, finance, (online) marketing and business development.

Co-Founder, Senior Cloud Architect

Norris Sam Osarenkhoe

Norris has a Bachelors Degree in Computer Science & Economics and offers expertise in the areas of Enterprise Cloud Architectures, Lean Six Sigma, Design-Thinking, UI Design and Computer Networks.

A Bit About Us

We are a seasoned and tech-loving team of young and ambitious engineers and business experts. We have made our passion of building software and businesses our job and are here to help you realize your potential with the help of technology. In our opinion, the wild ride of digital disruption in the enterprise realm has just started and with it comes opportunity.

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Strategy & Transformation0

Project Management & Ideation0